Not So Quiet

Our goal is to provide education and resources while inspiring current and future generations to speak their truth. We chose to create a collection of 2,500 one-of-a-kind uteruses embellished with symbols of beauty and strength to destigmatize menstruation and reproduction, so people would be less afraid to talk about these issues and in order to fund Goddess Boxes free of charge to 10,000 girls and the women who take care of them in low-income communities.
Each elegant box is suitable to be reused as a place for keepsakes and contains 8 reusable menstrual pads made from high-quality materials. The outer layer is specially created to feature the collection artwork. Also included in the box is a book written to the girls about the changes happening in their bodies. When the book is flipped over and read back through, it is written for the women who take care of them to educate them on how women's bodies change after childbirth and as they age.