Provide Supplies

We began distribution of reusable supplies on September 15, 2022.
There are a few types of reusable supplies- pads, panties, and cups.
We chose to provide reusable pads because they are easiest to use for girls just starting their reproductive journies and to change while at work and at school.

What's in a Goddess Box?

There are 8 reusable pads in every Goddess Box
- 5 normal pads are thinner for lighter, daily use
- 3 longer, thicker pads for heavier flow and overnight
Educational materials for the girls and women who take care of them
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Even the box was specially chosen to look sleek with a magnetic lid to be reused as a pencil case or box for keepsakes
We created reusable menstrual pads that we believe are special because they feature our original artwork and are made with the materials we specified.
  • Charcoal bamboo fleece
    • this top layer material draws in moisture and reduces odors
  • Cotton microfiber
    • these two inner layers absorb and hold more moisture
  • Polyurethane laminated fabric
    • this custom-printed outer layer creates a waterproof barrier protecting clothes from wetness and stains
Goddess Box