As lack of education is what causes shame and silence, we believe that we can remove both through education and encouraging girls and the women who take care of them to ask questions.
We created educational materials, especially for girls, with a graphic novel style layout to keep their attention. The flipside of the book is written as a guide for more mature women who may have given birth to explain how our bodies change as we age. Included is a list of suggestions for how to talk to doctors and advocate for our health.
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The materials are written with the theme that there is no shame in the natural processes of our bodies and that we deserve to understand what is happening and to have our questions answered.
We have created an online community with a library of resources from professionals in health and wellness that every girl will be given access to read. While the girls can read and watch professionally prepared videos, they are unable to chat or add or accept friends while they are students to protect their privacy. They can submit questions that qualified professionals will post anonymously with answers.
Invest in Women Community
When they reach 18 years old, they can contact us to change their community access to full access and join the adult community where they will be able to chat and join live events if they choose.