Patron level Mint

VIP Access Sale open only to mint pass holders

These are $30 each payable with a credit card or ETH

Using your mint pass makes them only $5!
There will only be 2100 available, so the first to use their mint passes will receive them
Remaining NFT’s will be released to the public at a later date if they are not all sold during VIP Access
The NFT Reveal for all holders is 72 hours after the completion of the Public Sale

For the Patron

  • One NFT of common rarity
  • A menstrual tracker personalized to feature that NFT and changing through the menstrual cycle if the holder chooses to sync it
  • Community Access with the Patron role For the community

For the Community

  • one Goddess Box will be provided to a person whose school or organization registers to receive products
  • access to the read-only resources of our online community for the recipient